Break out the Battle Tapes

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Break Out The Battle Tapes
Wired all wrong cover.jpg
Studio album by Wired All Wrong
Released September 12, 2006
Genre Rock
Label Nitrus Records
Producer Jeff Turzo
Matt Mahaffey

Break out the Battle Tapes is the debut album from Wired All Wrong, a duo made up of Matt Mahaffey of Self and Jeff Turzo of God Lives Underwater. The album is notable for its unique production, particularly for its creative methods of editing explicit words. According to Turzo, this was done largely because he doesn't want to expose his young son to the harsh language on a few of the band's songs. There has been some backlash against this decision, but the band currently has no plans of releasing an explicit version of the album. Turzo has said that the songs that are edited will be released freely on the internet at some point for the fans that want them.

The album was dedicated to the memory of Steve "Rocker" Richards, Michael Mahaffey, David Reilly & Tim Turzo.

The album was available on the iTunes Music Store a week in advance on September 5.

The song "Nothing At All" was available on iTunes as a free download for a week.

"15 Minutes", "Lost Angeles", and "You're Freaking Me Out Girl" have corresponding music videos currently on rotation at YouTube.

The song "15 Minutes" was used as the theme song for the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 3.

The song "Lost Angeles" is part of the soundtrack of Burnout Dominator. An instrumental version of the song is heard in trailers for Burnout Paradise.

The song "Medicate" was on Warren Miller's "Off The Grid".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Mahaffey, Turzo.

No. Title Length
1. "15 Minutes" 2:54
2. "Elevatin'" 2:54
3. "Nothing at All" 3:18
4. "Medicate" 3:55
5. "Let Me Go" 3:02
6. "After All" 3:43
7. "Lost Angeles" 3:07
8. "You're Freakin' Me Out Girl" (Feat. Count Bass D) 3:16
9. "Make a Fool" 3:39
10. "End of All Things" 4:43


  • Mixing - Sean Beaven (tracks: 1,6,7,8,10), Jeff Turzo (tracks: 3,4,5), Matt Mahaffey (track: 9), Dave Way (track: 2)
  • Mastering - Tom Baker
  • Percussion - Scott Garrett (tracks: 4,10)
  • Additional Engineer - Tom Davidson (track: 8)
  • Additional Mixing - Greg Koller (track: 4)
  • Additional Production - Greg Yingling (tracks: 1,2,4,7,8)