Breast Wishes

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Breast Wishes
An Uplifting Musical
Music Bruce Brown
Lyrics Bruce Brown
Book Merridy Eastman, Jonathan Gavin, Richard Glover, Wendy Harmer, Sheridan Jobbins, James Millar, Debra Oswald

Breast Wishes is an Australian musical comedy produced by Anne Looby, Simone Parrott and Neil Gooding with music and lyrics by Bruce Brown and a book by an ensemble of Australian writers: Merridy Eastman, Jonathan Gavin, Richard Glover, Wendy Harmer, Sheridan Jobbins, James Millar and Debra Oswald. It is a funny, tender and fully clothed look at breasts and those who support them.


In January 2005, Anne Looby's sister, Amanda, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wanting to help her in a meaningful way, Anne began work on a show to raise awareness and funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. From the beginning the show has engendered tremendous goodwill, with extensive workshops including the advice and talent of people such as Queenie van de Zandt, Annie McCubbin and others; the ultimate outcome is Breast Wishes.


Following several developmental workshops in 2006 and 2007, Breast Wishes premièred as a concert performance at The Sydney Theatre on 31 October 2008 as the closing event of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.[1] In 2009 the musical opened at Everest Theatre Seymour Centre, Sydney, where it was part of the events for International Women's Day 2009.[2] It then embarked on a national tour, playing in the Riverside Theatre Parramatta,[3] the Playhouse Canberra and the Twelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane.[4]

Breast Wishes is an official fund raising supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


The cast for the premier season at the Seymour Centre in April 2009 and touring nationally in 2009:

Production credits[edit]

  • Director — Jason Langley
  • Musical Director — Michael Tyack
  • Choreographer — Nathan Wright
  • Production Designer — Imogen Ross
  • Lighting Designer — Trudy Dalgleish
  • Technical Director — Josh Lemon
  • Dramaturge — James Millar
  • Sound Designer — Michael Waters
  • Producers — Anne Looby, Simone Parrott, Neil Gooding

Musical numbers[edit]

  • Let's Not Talk … (About Vaginas) (Lyn, Carol, Helen, Sal)
  • Ain't Got Nothin' (Carl, Sal)
  • Le bien-être (Irene)
  • Boobies in the Eye of the Beholder (Lyn, Carol, Helen, Sal, David)
  • Mills and Boon and Me (Sal)
  • It's All About Them (David)
  • It's All About Them — Reprise (Lyn, Carol, Sal)
  • We're Free (Helen, Lyn, Carol, Sal)
  • The Breast that Money Can Buy (Plastic surgeon and nurses)
  • Get Checked (Jingle girls)
  • Breast Wishes (Lyn, Carol, Sal)
  • Dear Puppies (Lyn)
  • Le bien-être — Reprise (Irene)
  • There's a Moment You Know (Lyn, David, Carol, Helen, Sal)
  • Let's Not Talk … — Reprise (Company)
  • Get Checked (Playout)


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