Brechtel Park (New Orleans)

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Coordinates: 29°54′37″N 90°00′27″W / 29.91019°N 90.00755°W / 29.91019; -90.00755 Brechtel Park is a 120 acre urban park in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans.[1][2] The park was founded in 1971 using funds from the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, and is maintained by the New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways.[2][3] Brechtel is a stop on the Barataria Loop of America’s Wetlands Birding Trail.[2][4]

The Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism lists the birds living in or seasonally visiting the park as including: great blue, little blue, and green herons; great and snowy egrets; yellow-crowned night herons; white ibis; wood ducks; tree swallows; Mississippi kites; red-shouldered hawks; broad-winged hawks; mourning doves; yellow-billed cuckoos; barred owls; eastern screech owls; red-bellied, downy, hairy, and pileated woodpeckers; great crested flycatchers; white-eyed, yellow-throated, red-eyed, and blue-headed vireos; blue jays; barn swallows; Carolina wrens; Carolina chickadees; tufted titmice; summer tanagers; northern cardinals; sharp-shinned hawks; yellow-bellied sapsuckers; northern flickers; eastern phoebes; golden-crowned and ruby-crowned kinglets; hermit thrush; cedar waxwings; orange-crowned and yellow-rumped warblers; and white-throated sparrows.[4]


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