Bremstein Lighthouse

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Bremstein Lighthouse
Bremstein fyrstasjon
Bremstein lighthouse in Vega.tif
View of the lighthouse
Location of the lighthouse
LocationNordland, Norway
Coordinates65°35′47″N 11°17′11″E / 65.59639°N 11.28639°E / 65.59639; 11.28639Coordinates: 65°35′47″N 11°17′11″E / 65.59639°N 11.28639°E / 65.59639; 11.28639
Year first constructed1925
Foundationconcrete base
Constructioncast iron tower
Tower shapetapered cylindrical tower with balcony
Markings / patternred with white stripe
Tower height27 metres (89 ft)
Focal height41.5 metres (136 ft)
Current lens2nd order Fresnel lens
Intensity3,370,000 candela
RangeRed: 11.9 nmi (22.0 km; 13.7 mi)

Green: 11.4 nmi (21.1 km; 13.1 mi)

White: 14.7 nmi (27.2 km; 16.9 mi)
CharacteristicFl(3) W 40s, Oc(3) WRG 10s Edit this on Wikidata
Admiralty numberL2098
NGA number9436
ARLHS numberNOR-007
Norway number600000
Heritageheritage site in Norway Edit this on Wikidata

Bremstein Lighthouse (Norwegian: Bremstein fyr) is a coastal lighthouse in Vega Municipality in Nordland county, Norway. The lighthouse is located on the island of Geiterøya, about 22 kilometres (14 mi) west of the main island of Vega. [1]

The lighthouse was established in 1925 and it was automated in 1980. The 27-metre (89 ft) tall red, cast iron tower has a white stripe around it. The light sits at an elevation of 41.5 metres (136 ft) above sea level. The 3,370,000-candela light can be seen for about 14.7 nautical miles (27.2 km; 16.9 mi). There is also a secondary light 27 metres (89 ft) up the lighthouse tower. The top light emits three white flashes every 40 seconds and the second light emits a white, red, or green (depending on direction) that is occulting three times every 10 seconds. This lighthouse is somewhat unique in that it has two 2nd order Fresnel lenses, one for each of the two lights.[2][3]

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