Breton Education Centre

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Breton Education Centre
Bec crest.jpg
667 Eighth Street
New Waterford, Nova Scotia, B1H 3T4
Coordinates 46°14′31.2″N 60°5′21.3″W / 46.242000°N 60.089250°W / 46.242000; -60.089250Coordinates: 46°14′31.2″N 60°5′21.3″W / 46.242000°N 60.089250°W / 46.242000; -60.089250
School type Public, high school
Founded 1971
School board Cape Breton – Victoria Regional School Board
Superintendent Mr. Ambrose White
Principal Mr. Bruce MacDonald
Grades 6-12
Enrollment 1028 (2007)
Language English
Colour(s) Green      , white      and black     
Team name Bears
Feeder schools Mt. Carmel Elementary
St. Agnes Elementary
Greenfield Elementary

Breton Education Centre, or BEC, is a co-ed high school students in Grades 6-12 in New Waterford, Nova Scotia. It is part of the Cape Breton – Victoria Regional School Board.


English Department

ENG12 (Academic), ECM12 English Communication 12 (Graduate), Applied Broadcast Journalism 12, ENG11 English 11 (Academic, ECM11 English Communication 11 (Graduate), ENG10 English 10 (Academic)

Fine Arts Department

Art Gr. 12 (Academic), Art Gr. 11 (Academic), Art Gr. 10 (Academic), DRAMA 12 (Academic), DRAMA 11 (Academic), DRAMA 10 (Academic), Band 12 (Academic), Band 11 - (Academic), Instrumental Band 10 (Academic), Dance 11 (Academic)

Family Studies/Tec. Ed Department

FOOD SCIENCE 12 (Academic), Canadian Families 12 - (Open), Child Studies 11 - (Open), Clothing & Food 10- (Open), Film & Video Production 12 (Academic), Communication Technology 11 (Open), Grade Twelve Data Processing (Open), Design 11 (Academic)

French Department

French Extended Core 10 (Academic), French 10 (Academic), French Extended Core 11 (Academic), Histoire du Canada 11 (Academic), Grade Eleven French (Academic), French Extended Core 12 (Academic), Geographie Planetaire 12 (Global Studies) (Academic), Grade Twelve French (Academic)

Math Department

Math Foundations 10 (Graduiation), Math Essentials 10 (Graduation), Math Essentials 11 (Graduation), Math Foundations 11 (Graduation), Math Foundations 12 (Graduation), Workplace Math 12 (Graduation), Math 10 (Academic), Math 11 (Academic), Grade Twelve Math (Academic), ADVANCED MATH 11 (Advanced/Academic), ADVANCED Math 12 (Advanced/Academic), PreCalculus 12 (Advanced), CALCULUS 12 (Advanced/Academic)


Physical Active Lifestyle 11 (Open), Physical Education 10 (Open), Physical Education11 (Open), Physical Education 12 (Open)


HUMAN BIOLOGY 10 (Graduation), Science 10 (Academic), Biology 12 (Academic), Advanced Biology 12 (Advanced/Academic), Chemistry 12 (Academic), Physics 11 (Academic), Physics 12 (Academic), Oceans 11 (Academic)


Gaelic Cultural Studies 11 (Academic), Global Geography 12 (Academic), Entrepreneurship 12 (Academic), Law 12 (Academic), Sociology 12 (Academic), Economics 12 (Academic), Canadian History 11 (Academic), Physical Geography 10 (Academic)


Learning Strategies 10 (Open), Learning Strategies 11 (Open)

Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades 10 (Academic), Construction Trades 11


BEC has a variation of sports in its athletic department. BEC has a junior and senior high basketball team. In Senior High, there are teams in the AAA and AA Division. In Junior High, there are teams in the A and B Division. The school also has AAA, AA, A, and B Soccer teams. The school has both a boys and girls Senior high Rugby team and a Junior high "A" Hockey team as well. Also a Senior/Junior girls Hockey team.

Sport List:

Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Baseball, Track and Field, Rugby, Hockey

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