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Brett Scallions
Scallions in 2012 performing with the band Fuel.
Background information
Birth name Brett Allen Scallions
Born (1971-12-21) December 21, 1971 (age 45)
Origin Brownsville, Tennessee, United States
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician, guitarist
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass
Years active 1989–present
Labels MegaForce
Associated acts

Brett Allen Scallions (born December 21, 1971) is an American musician. He is currently the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and lyricist of post-grunge band Fuel.

Born in Brownsville, Tennessee, Scallions gained recognition serving as the original lead vocalist for the rock band Fuel from 1993 to 2006.[1] During that time, the band released three major-label albums including the double platinum Something Like Human. His initial stint with the band ended in February 2006, with Scallions citing personal reasons, a lack of passion and internal disagreements within the band as the major contributing factors to his departure.[2] Scallions has denied vocal issues and the negated vocal surgery rumors as reasons for his leaving.

Scallions has been ranked in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists by Hit Parader (#50).

Post-Fuel / other projects[edit]

After leaving Fuel, Scallions joined bands The X's and Circus Diablo playing bass. Both bands would ultimately become one-album projects and conclude shortly after subsequent tours.

In March 2007, Scallions was selected as the singer for Riders on the Storm,[3] a project featuring former The Doors members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek.

In August 2007, Scallions told Alternative Addiction about a project he had been working on with an old Fuel bandmate. "Jonathan Mover who played drums on the first Fuel record, he and I are doing a record together where I am doing the bulk of the writing, I'll be singing it, and playing guitar, and I'll have some guest guitar players come in. It's very exciting for me; it's a record I've dreamed of doing for a really long time." Scallions continued, "We've got a few names in the hat right now, but I'm reluctant to say any of them right now because I wanna make sure that we have the name ready to go when it comes time to put it out."

No other information on this project has since been given by Scallions or Mover and there is some speculation that this may have been a precursor to the later World Fire Brigade project.

Brett Scallions contributed lead vocals to the charity single "Something to Believe", released by the band Hollow on iTunes via Koch Records on March 9, 2010.[4]


Towards the beginning of 2009, rumors began circulating that Scallions and Fuel bass player Jeff Abercrombie were planning a tour under the moniker, Re-Fueled. After months of speculation, the rumors were confirmed by Scallions in an interview with Alternative Addiction in August 2009. "Jeff and I have remained friends, he called me up a while back and we decided – let's go out and have fun because he and I haven't played together in a while. It just seemed like the timing was right." Scallions has also recruited former Buckcherry guitarist Yogi, and former Candiria drummer Ken Schalk to round out the line up. The band has put together a list of tour dates for the fall where they are expected to be playing all the classic Fuel songs, from the band's first three albums. It is still unknown if they plan to record an album or not.[5]

On March 2, 2010, Brett Scallions announced via the Fuelies Message Board that Re-Fueled had made plans to tour more extensively and as a result, Jeff Abercrombie would no longer be a part of the band, stating: "Jeff decided that touring was no longer anything that appealed to him. Originally he was going to do this with me but later decided that he'd rather stay home and watch his kids. I wish him all the best." It was announced that Brad Stewart, (formerly of Shinedown) would replace Abercrombie.[6]

Upon the announcement of further touring, it was also revealed that Scallions had obtained the rights to tour and record with the name Fuel going forward. Thus, on April 8, 2010 Scallions' incarnation would become the "official" Fuel as co-founder and guitarist Carl Bell left by "mutual agreement".[7]

World Fire Brigade[edit]

Outside Re-Fueled, Scallions was busy with Sean Danielsen of Smile Empty Soul and producer Eddie Wohl, writing and recording an album under the name World Fire Brigade. "It's much heavier than anything I ever did with Fuel," Scallions said of World Fire Brigade's sound in August 2009. "We've done a lot of stuff in lower tones which is a first for me also, it's very deep, heavy, and even growly at times." He also said that the World Fire Brigade album was "almost three-quarters of the way complete, and planned to be released early next spring, fingers crossed".[5] Two new tracks "Shot Down" and "Take Me Away" have been available on MySpace since March 2011.[8] The album is currently available for streaming through Riptide Music website (under working title Weight of the World).[9]

The debut album titled Spreading My Wings was released by FrostByte Media Inc. on August 28, 2012.[10]

The World Fire Brigade line-up consists of Scallions (vocals/guitar), Sean Danielsen (vocals/guitar), and Eddie Wohl (keyboards). Guest musicians on the album include former Candiria drummer Ken Schalk, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), and Andy Andersson (Fuel, Black Robot).[10] Brad Stewart has been announced as the groups touring bassist. Even though he recorded bass tracks for the album, Scallions has stated that he will be playing rhythm guitar when the group goes on tour.

On April 3, 2013, the following message was posted on the World Fire Brigade Facebook page:

"Thanks to everyone that has discovered our music and has questions about touring and new music. Right now we're all too busy with our other bands to tour, but that doesn't mean it will never happen." The post goes on to invite fans to support the bands Fuel and Smile Empty Soul "on the road all year".[11]

Return to Fuel[edit]

Having departed Fuel in February 2006, the remaining members of the band chose to continue with new vocalist Toryn Green. With Green, Fuel would record one album, 2007's "Angels & Devils" but would largely be deemed 'inactive' by mid-2008 due to what founding member, Carl Bell described as continuing legal issues with their then-label Epic Records.[12] Fellow original member and bass player Jeff Abercrombie was also absent from the band by the final portion of the tour, having been replaced with Ronny Paige.[13]

Amidst confusion and anonymity regarding the band's status, Brett Scallions and Jeff Abercrombie teamed up for the first time since Scallions' departure in 2006 to tour as "Re-Fueled", despite Abercrombie still being listed as an official member of the Angels & Devils version of Fuel at that time. As Re-Fueled, Scallions and Abercrombie recruited guitarist Yogi Lonich of Chris Cornell and Buckcherry fame and drummer Ken Schalk, formerly of Candiria to round out the unit. Their debut performance was a free event that took place on August 28, 2009 at the Tempe Marketplace, playing songs from the Sunburn and Something Like Human albums exclusively.[14]

Still without word from the official incarnation of Fuel and with Re-Fueled increasing its tour schedule, speculation surrounding the future for Fuel began to increase including some confusion on the part of vocalist Toryn Green. Green explained he had heard nothing from other members from the then-official line-up, but expressed his support for seeing Scallions back on stage singing classic Fuel songs. In a MySpace Blog, Green stated: "I'll see you at a show, with a beer in either hand!" Finally, On April 8, 2010, it was announced that Carl Bell and Brett Scallions had come to an agreement that would allow the Scallions-fronted entity the right to record and tour under the name Fuel, thereby becoming the new official incarnation of Fuel.

Several new songs worked their way into Fuel's live sets between 2010 and 2013 beginning with a track titled "Headache", and in March 2012 it was announced that Fuel intended to release a new album, which would be the first Fuel contribution to include Scallions since 2003's Natural Selection. By the end of April 2013, tracking for the new album had been completed and the band (now signed to MegaForce Records) promised that a new single was soon to come.

On December 5, 2013, the first new track from the forthcoming Puppet Strings album was unveiled, and the first official single was set for a January 2014 release with the album release to follow on March 4.[15]

In June 2014, the album release was followed-up with the song "Cold Summer" being released as a single.[16] Scallions has stated that he penned the song during his original tenure in Fuel, somewhere around 2002. Originally known as "Hit and Sorry", he recalls having recorded it so many times he almost gave up on the track. After adding a new chorus with contributions from producer Eddie Wohl and consulting the opinions of his wife and bandmates, the decision was made to include the song on the album.[7][17]

In 2015, Brett embarked on his first unplugged tour. While not being branded as Fuel shows, Scallions still performs select Fuel tracks as well as covering some of his favourite tracks from other artists including Elvis, Stone Temple Pilots and Johnny Cash and songs that were seminal in his musical journey.

Personal life[edit]

He is currently married to Abby Gennet, guitarist and lead singer of Slunt. They have two sons together; Jagger Song Scallions (born September 7, 2007), and Sawyer Cruz Scallions (born December 9, 2010)[18]


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