Bridal Cave

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Bridal Chapel

Coordinates: 38°03′38″N 92°47′35″W / 38.060596°N 92.793102°W / 38.060596; -92.793102 Bridal Cave is a cave located near Camdenton, Missouri, in Lake of the Ozarks. It takes its name from the Osage Native American legend of Conwee, the son of an Osage chief who desired to marry the daughter of the chief of the opposing tribe. He is said to have kidnapped her for this reason. She committed suicide, and later her companion was wed to Conwee's brother Prince Buffalo in Bridal Chapel. Historically, the first couple to be married were married in June 1949, just one year after the cave was opened to the public. Over 3000 weddings have taken place in this cave.[1]


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