Bridgerland Applied Technology College

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Bridgerland Applied Technology College
Logan, Utah
United States
Coordinates 41°45′20″N 111°51′02″W / 41.75556°N 111.85056°W / 41.75556; -111.85056Coordinates: 41°45′20″N 111°51′02″W / 41.75556°N 111.85056°W / 41.75556; -111.85056
Type College
Established January, 1971
Affiliation UCAT

Bridgerland Applied Technology College is a post-secondary educational institution located in Logan, Utah. It is a campus of the Utah College of Applied Technology system, and provides several courses designed to train students interested in a particular career field. The main campuses are located in Logan, with two satellite campuses: the Brigham City campus, located in Box Elder County; and the Rich County campus, located in Woodruff, Utah.[1]


The campuses located in Logan are the Main campus, which provides the majority of courses offered, a cafeteria and bookstore; and the West campus, an extension of the Main campus, which provides courses which are entirely new, or transferred from the main campus.

The Brigham City and Rich County campuses offer scaled-down versions of main campus offerings.

High school enrollment[edit]

The Logan campus offers classes to high school juniors and seniors who are enrolled in a high school in the Cache County School District, the Logan School District, and the Box Elder School District. Almost all classes are free to take, with the exception of lab fees in some of the classes.


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