Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas

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Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas
Parachute Riflemen Brigade
Active 1969 – present
Country  Mexico
Branch  Mexican Army
Type Paratrooper
Role Infantry
Size Headquarters
3 Parachute Riflemen Battalions
1 Parachute Rifle Special Forces Group
1 Logistics Company
Colors Maroon beret
Engagements Mexican Drug War

The Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas (Parachute Rifle Brigade, BFP) is a paratrooper unit created in 1969 within the Mexican Army but utilizing aircraft from the Air Force. Their headquarters were established in Mexico City and their training takes place in the Centro de Adiestramiento de Paracaidismo (Airborne Training Center). A battalion can be deployed rapidly to any part of the country.


The Brigade's origin dates back to 1946 when Divisional General Francisco L. Urquizo and Director of Aeronautics Divisional General Gustavo Salinas Camiña elaborated a program to create the country's first Paratrooper unit. The plan consisted sending a group of officers and regular servicemen to Fort Benning, Georgia to be trained as paratroopers. By July 20, 1946. The first group under the command of Captain Albarrán López graduated paratrooper school, the second group under the command of Cavalry Lieutenant Jorge Munguía González graduated in the same year on August 3. The new unit was based in Balbuena Military Camp, carrying out their first jump over Mexican territory on September 15, 1946. The same year the army moved the unit to its new Headquarters in Puebla, Puebla giving them designation of "Compañía Mínima de Aerotropas" ( Minimum Airtrooper Company ). On February 15, 1947. The unit was reorganized into the "Compañía de Aerotropas" ( Airtrooper Company ) and re-established in Military Camp No.1 in the Federal District. By 1969 the Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas was created and organized with three battalions, and one special forces group that was integrated in 1998.[1]


  • Headquarters
  • 1st Infantry Parachute Rifle Battalion
  • 2nd Infantry Parachute Rifle Battalion
  • 3rd Infantry Parachute Rifle Battalion
  • Special Forces Airmobile Group
  • Logistics Company

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