British Commercial Vehicle Museum

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British Commercial Vehicle Museum
Bus lineup, 2012 Leyland Transport Festival.jpg
Ribble buses at the museum in 2012
British Commercial Vehicle Museum is located in the Borough of South Ribble
British Commercial Vehicle Museum
Location within the Borough of South Ribble
Established 1983 (1983)
Location King Street, Leyland, Lancashire, England
Coordinates 53°41′41″N 2°41′33″W / 53.6947°N 2.6926°W / 53.6947; -2.6926Coordinates: 53°41′41″N 2°41′33″W / 53.6947°N 2.6926°W / 53.6947; -2.6926

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum displays antiquarian buses, early Fire engines and other historical and commercial vehicles produced by the British manufacturing industry.

The museum is located in King Street, Leyland, Lancashire on a site previously occupied by the Leyland Motors factory, the source of many exhibits.

Funding methods include the admission charges and membership tickets. Shortfalls must be funded by the sale of exhibits.[1]

Events include the Classic & Vintage Ford Day; Vintage Motor Scooter Day and the Meccano, Dinky & Hornby Exhibition Event.


Exhibits include the purpose built Popemobile from the Pastoral trip of Pope John Paul II to the United Kingdom in 1982.[2] The 24-ton armour-plated vehicle was built for the visit by British Leyland.[3]

Other exhibits that have been displayed include a 1922 12hp Star Motor Company vehicle and a Leyland Tiger Cub, lorries and a Steam tractor[2]


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