English fifty shilling coin

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The English fifty shilling coin, worth 50/-, was only ever minted once, in the year 1656. It was a milled gold coin weighing 22.7 grams and with a diameter of 30 millimetres. Only eleven examples are known to survive. One extremely fine specimen was recorded to have been sold for £15,250 in May 1989.[1]

The obverse of the coin depicts Oliver Cromwell as a Roman Emperor, with the inscription OLIVAR D G R P ANG SCO HIB &c PRO -- Oliver, by the grace of God Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, Ireland, etc.. The reverse depicts a crowned shield bearing the Commonwealth arms, with the inscription PAX QVAERITUR BELLO -- Peace is sought through war, and the date 1656, while there is also an edge inscription PROTECTOR LITERIS LITERAE NVMMIS CORONA ET SALVS -- A protector of the letters, the letters are a garland and a safeguard to the coinage.