British Honduras general election, 1954

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British Honduras general election, 1954
British Honduras
28 April 1954 1957 →

All 9 seats in the British Honduras Legislative Assembly
  First party Second party
Leader Leigh Richardson (acting) W. H. Courtenay
Party PUP NP
Alliance PUP-GWU
Leader since 1953 1951
Leader's seat candidate in Belize West (not a candidate)
Seats won 8 1
Popular vote 9,461 3,342
Percentage 65.04% 22.98%

Majority party leader before election


Elected Majority party leader

Leigh Richardson

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General elections were held in British Honduras on 28 April 1954, the first held under universal suffrage.[1] The new constitution replaced the Legislative Council with a Legislative Assembly, which had nine elected members, three officials and three appointed members.[1] The result was a decisive victory for the pro-independence People's United Party, which won eight of the nine seats in a coalition with the General Workers' Union.

The pro-colonial National Party won the remaining seat, with NP candidate Charles Westby prevailing in the Toledo constituency.[2]

Election results[edit]

e • d Summary of the 28 April 1954 British Honduras Legislative Assembly election results
Parties Votes % Seats
People's United Party 9,461 65.04 8
National Party 3,342 22.98 1
Independents 1,743 11.98 -
Total 14,546 100.00 9


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