British NVC community W8

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NVC community W8 (Fraxinus excelsior - Acer campestre - Mercurialis perennis woodland) is one of the woodland communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system. It is one of the six communities falling in the "mixed deciduous and oak/birch woodlands" group.

This is a widely distributed community. There are seven subcommunities.

Community composition[edit]

Six constant species are found in this community:

The following rare species are also associated with the community:


This community is widespread throughout lowland Britain, becoming scarcer in the north and west, where it is replaced by community W9.


There are seven subcommunities:

  • the Primula vulgaris - Glechoma hederacea subcommunity
  • the Anemone nemorosa subcommunity
  • the Deschampsia cespitosa subcommunity
  • the Hedera helix subcommunity
  • the Geranium robertianum subcommunity
  • the Allium ursinum subcommunity
  • the Teucrium scorodonia subcommunity