Brocas Helm (band)

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Brocas Helm
Origin San Francisco, California
Genres Heavy metal, power metal
Years active 1982–present
  • Jim Schumacher
  • Jack Hays
  • Bobbie Wright

Brocas Helm is a heavy metal band from San Francisco founded in 1982.[1] It is named after the medieval Brocas helm displayed in London's Rotunda, Woolwich.


Brocas Helm was founded in 1982 by Bobbie Wright, James Schumacher, Jack Hays and John Grey. In 1983, the band released their first demo. In 1984 they released their first album, "Into Battle" on First Strike Records. Soon following the album was licensed to Steamhammer for distribution in Europe.

After some disagreements (for example, the cover of Into Battle was determined without the consent of the band) Brocas Helm and First Strike Records agreed to end their relationship.

The Black Death album with Tom Behney on guitar was created over 5-years of hard work. The main aim of the recording was to catch the interest of a high quality record label. However, after a long fruitless search, the band founded Gargoyle records and released the record themselves. After a brief break, Brocas Helm recorded and released the demo, "Ghost Story". Subsequently they licensed the Time of the Dark (1997) and Blood Machine/Skullfucker singles.

In 2001, Brocas Helm played in Athens where a show was recorded. In 2003, they agreed to let Eat Metal Records release the official unabridged bootleg live album, "Black Death in Athens" (2004). Also in 2004, the band release the long-anticipated third album, "Defender of the Crown".

The songs "Cry of the Banshee" and "Drink the Blood of the Priest" were used in the 2009 video game Brütal Legend.[2]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Into Battle (1984)
  • Black Death (1988)
  • Defender of the Crown (2004)

Live albums[edit]

  • Black Death in Athens (2004)


  • Ghost Story (1994)


  • Time of the Dark (1997)
  • Blood Machine/Skullfucker (2000)


Clash of Iron Vol. I - Live at Keep It True (split with Manilla Road)(2007)

Demo records[edit]

  • Demo I (1983)
  • Black Death (1987)
  • Helm's Deep (1989)


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