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For other uses, see Broderick (disambiguation).
Language(s) Welsh, Irish
Meaning Welsh: "son of Rhydderch"; Irish: "descendant of Bruadar"; "Brother"

Broderick is a surname which is derived from both the Irish and Welsh languages. In some cases it is an Anglicised form of the Irish Ó Bruadair, meaning "descendant of Bruadar".

The name has been thought to have been derived from a Norse personal name (Brodir).[1] However, according to Benjamin Hudson, the Norse Brodir (meaning "brother") is not a proper Norse name at all. The Irish Bruattar/Bruadar/Brodur is first recorded in 853, in the name of Bruattar mac Aeda, an Irish princeling from the south-east of Ireland. As a Norse personal name, Brodir is only found in the name of a particular participant in the Battle of Clontarf and of a particular King of Dublin who was killed in 1160.[2]

In other cases the surname Broderick is an Anglicised form of the Welsh ap Rhydderch, meaning "son of Rhydderch".[1] The Welsh personal name Rhydderch was originally a byname meaning "reddish brown".[3]

Use as a surname[edit]

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