Broke Sky

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Broke Sky
Directed by Thomas L. Callaway
Produced by Jeff Burr
Karchi Perlmann
Eric Miller
Dan Golden
Written by Scott Phillips
John Howard
Frank Paterson
Brian Muir
Dan Golden
Thomas L. Callaway
Starring Will Wallace
Joe Unger
Bruce Glover
Duane Whitaker
Barbara Chisholm
Marco Perella
Jennifer Matyear
Jamielyn Kane
Chris Messersmith
Brooklin Bailey
Music by Kristopher Carter
Michael McCuistion
Lolita Ritmanis
Cinematography Thomas L. Callaway
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Broke Sky is a 2007 neo-noir 35 millimeter film, and the directorial debut of cinematographer Thomas L. Callaway. The film stars Will Wallace, Joe Unger, Bruce Glover, Duane Whitaker and Barbara Chisholm, and has earned comparisons to the work of the Cohen Brothers.[1][2][3][4]


Bucky and Earl are the two man team that collect and dispose of road kill for the county. A new, specially designed carcass removal truck forces them to choose which one of them gets to keep his job and who is let go. Earl comes up with a plan so they can both keep their jobs, but it means working at night. One night they are called out to Rufus's house where there is something dead in the well that needs to be removed. When Earl and Bucky discover what is fouling the well, their shock and confusion turns to panic and fear as they figure out what to do. Disagreement and conflict arise between them and this gradually builds to mistrust, suspicion and mystery, revealing secrets of a dirty, vile, inconceivable past. A past as repulsive as the road kill they scoop off the road.


Broke Sky was shot on location in Waco, Texas.[5]

Featured cast[edit]

Actor Role
Will Wallace Bucky
Joe Unger Earl
Bruce Glover Rufus
Duane Whitaker Sheriff Winslow
Barbara Chisholm Becky


Dances With Films

  • 2007: Won, Grand Jury Award

Memphis Indie Film Festival

  • 2007: Won, Best Narrative Feature

Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema (IIFC)

  • 2010: Won, Best Cinematography


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