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Brokopondo is located in Suriname
Location in Suriname
Coordinates: 5°4′N 54°58′W / 5.067°N 54.967°W / 5.067; -54.967Coordinates: 5°4′N 54°58′W / 5.067°N 54.967°W / 5.067; -54.967
CountryFlag of Suriname.svg Suriname
DistrictBrokopondo District
Elevation72 m (236 ft)
Population (2004)
 • Total2,854

Brokopondo is a capital town of the Brokopondo District, Suriname. It is located on the west shore of the Suriname river, just north of the Afobaka dam. Brokopondo can be reached via the road from Paranam to Afobaka. There's a granite monument made by sculptor Jo Rens, displaying two men: one standing with a parrot and one sitting and writing. It ought to symbolize the past and the future.

Demographically, the largest ethnic group of Brokopondo are the Maroons.

There's a large beach next to the Suriname river near the city centre.


Brokopondo is home to a Medische Zending healthcare centre.