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Type of site
Owner BrooWaha LLC
Created by BrooWaha LLC
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched September 2006

BrooWaha is an online citizen newspaper with a focus on local news.[1] The articles published on the website are written exclusively by its users.

Several local editions of BrooWaha have been launched for a number of major U.S. cities including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and very recently Atlanta, Houston and Miami. The content of all these editions is aggregated in the main BrooWaha website.

The website was featured in the Los Angeles Times in December 2006.[2]



BrooWaha registered users have access to the website's writing interface. This feature lets users draft an article, attach a picture to it and submit it to the editors. Articles are usually published within 24 hours. In addition to the basic formatting options offered to all users, contributors who have reached a certain level of popularity have also the ability to link to other websites and even embed YouTube videos in their articles.


The role of the editors at BrooWaha is very limited and namely consists in verifying that the articles submitted do not contain spam, racism or porn.[2] The site was edited by [1] David Cohn from 2008 until 2011.


Comments are a very popular feature of BrooWaha. It is customary to see discussion starting between the article's author and the readers in the comment section. In addition to voting for articles, readers can also rate comments to encourage constructive discussions.


Depending on the frequency of their contribution and how well their articles are received, BrooWaha users earn 'popularity points'. These points affect the weight they have in the organization of the newspaper. Users with high popularity have their articles displayed more prominently in the website and have more impact when they vote on other authors' articles.


BrooWaha users can add their favorite authors as friends on the website and be notified by email whenever they publish a new article.

BrooWaha Cafe[edit]

Each BrooWaha edition features a chatroom called the BrooWaha Cafe where users chat about various topics ranging from the pure gossip to the latest local news.


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