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"Shannon Williams" redirects here. For the British-born South Korean singer, see Shannon (British singer).

Shannon Narrun Williams, known as Brothablack, is a Sydney-based Indigenous Hip Hop performer.

Brothablack was a founding member of Deadly Award-winning group South West Syndicate.[1] He has since gone solo and has worked as an MC for The National Indigenous 3on3 Basketball and Hip Hop Challenge,[2] performed at the Big Day Out,[3] and released a solo album More Than A Feeling, an album which is trying to give "non-Indigenous people a good look into an Indigenous males life".[4] In 2007 he teamed up with Hilltop Hoods to create a song for a campaign by highlighting indigenous mortality rates.[5]

He has received extensive airplay on Triple J[6] including performing a set for Live at the Wireless, broadcast on 9 July 2007.[7]

From series 1 to 3, he co-host Move it Mob Style with Naomi Wenitong.


  • More Than A Feeling (2006) Obese Records


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