Bruška massacre

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Bruška on the map of Croatia, 1991/1992. Serbian-held territories are highlighted in red.

The Bruška massacre took place on 21 December 1991 in Bruška, a small village near the Croatian town of Benkovac when Serbian paramilitaries executed 10 civilians in the hamlet of Marinovići. Nine members of the family Marinović and their Serbian neighbour were led out of the house after playing cards and shot on the spot by members of a paramilitary group called "Knindže".[1] Kapetan Dragan (Dragan Vasiljkovic) was the commander of this paramilitary group and has been indicted for this crime by the Croatian Ministry of Justice. He is currently in custody in Australia where an Australian journalist discovered him hiding under the false name of Dennis Snedden. He is awaiting his extradition to Croatia.[2]

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