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Bryobrittonia longipes
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Bryophyta
Class: Bryopsida
Subclass: Funariidae
Order: Encalyptales
Family: Encalyptaceae
Genus: Bryobrittonia
R. S. Williams
Species: B. longipes
Binomial name
Bryobrittonia longipes
(Mitten) D. G. Horton

Bryobrittonia is a genus of moss in the family Encalyptaceae; it contains the single species Bryobrittonia longipes. This species grows on calcareous soil in cooler climates of North America, Europe, and central Asia.[1]

The genus is named in honor of Elizabeth Gertrude Britton,[2] founder of the Wild Flower Preservation Society of America.


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  2. ^ Williams, R. S. (27 May 1901). "Contributions to the Botany of the Yukon Territory: 2. An Enumeration of the Mosses collected". Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden. II (6): 115. Retrieved 26 September 2014. This genus is dedicated to Mrs. Elizabeth G. Britton, by whose aid so many American students of our mosses have been encouraged.