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The Budapest Blax Lacrosse Egyesület is the first Hungarian lacrosse team.


In February 2008 couple of enthusiastic youngster led by Ferenc Sződy started to work on spreading this exciting and spectacular sport in Hungary. In March 2008 the team has been founded and even is April the team started their practices. In May 2008 Peter J. Mundy president of the European Lacrosse Federation travelled to Budapest to held a clinic here. During the summer the roster started to grow and in the year of foundation, in November the team hosted a friendly game against the Bratislava Bats of Bratislava, Slovakia. The Slovakian guys had much more experience so they've won the game easily.

During the first half of 2009 the team was getting bigger and bigger. In March they've travelled to Bratislava to play a friendly tournament against the Bratislava Bats and the vienneese Vienna Cherokees. The team from Budapest wasn't a big challenge for the two experience team so the Blax end up on third place. The Budapest Blax Lacrosse Egyesület maintained a good relationship with the Austrian Lacrosse Federation (ÖLaxV) and in 2009 they got the permission to participate in the Austrian Lacrosse League. Our team played in May, August and September and in September we've hosted the playoff game day at Budapest. The Hungarian team finished 6th. The game day at Budapest was so successful and the young team was so sympathetic to the Austrian federation and the Austrian teams that they've offered the Budapest Blax Lacrosse Egyesület to be a permanent member of the Austrian Lacrosse Leagues.

In January 2010 Budapest hosted a friendly invitational international lacrosse cup called New Years Cup. The invited teams were the Graz Gladiators (Austria), the Vienna White Coats (Austria) and the Ljubljana Dragons (Slovenia). The Hungarian team finished the cup on 4th place. The event was such a big success that all the invited teams asked to make the New Years Cup a tradition. Therefore it's quite likely that in 2011 the cup will be organized again. In 2010 Budapest Blax Lacrosse Egyesület plays in the Austrian Lacrosse League again and on 12 September Budapest hosts a game day.


Date of foundation[edit]

16 March 2008


  • Sződy, Ferenc - President
  • Gazsó, Tamás - Vice-President
  • Elekes, Rita - Women's lacrosse
  • Urbán, Dávid - Marketing/PR
  • Kovács, Attila - Youth training



  • 2008: Friendly game defeat
  • 2009:
* Friendly tournament in Bratislava: 3rd place
* Austrian Lacrosse League: 6th place
  • 2010:
* New Years Cup Budapest: 4th place
* Austrian Lacrosse League: 5th place


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