Bug Estuary

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Bug Estuary
Вид сверху на Николаев.jpg
Satellite view of the Bug Estuary
Location Ukraine
Coordinates 46°52′N 31°59′E / 46.867°N 31.983°E / 46.867; 31.983Coordinates: 46°52′N 31°59′E / 46.867°N 31.983°E / 46.867; 31.983
Type estuary
Primary inflows Southern Bug
Basin countries Ukraine
Max. length 82 km (51 mi)
Max. width 11 km (6.8 mi)
Settlements Mykolaiv

Bug Estuary (Ukrainian: Бузький лиман) is an estuary of the Southern Bug. It is 82 km long and up to 11 km wide. Together with the Dnieper Estuary makes Dnieper-Bug Estuary. The city of Mykolaiv is located on the Bug Estuary.