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Bullethead cover art.jpg
Background information
Origin New South Wales, Australia
Genres rock, metal, modern rock
Labels MGM
Members Alex Hermescec
Graham Young
Josh Kynaston

BulletHead is an Australian rock band[1] that formed in 2000 under the name Rubikon.[2] Its members consist of Alex Hermescec, Graham Young and Josh Kynaston. The band's music is influenced by Tool, Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Killing Joke and Helmet.

BulletHeads film clip Love N War[3] has been featured on ABC's Rage, and numerous other music network TV and Radio stations such as Triple M. In 2006, music critic from the Naked Dwarf[4] declared BulletHead as one of the best heavy rock bands to come out of Australia.[5] In 2007, Alex Hermescec also known as Skuey was declared an alternative guitar hero by NME magazine.[6]


Bullethead’s debut album, 'Know Your Enemy'[7] is a compilation of 11 tracks of hard core, heavy rock music.[8] Their debut album Know Your Enemy reached some success in the United States and Europe, however did not do so well in Australia.[9] [10] BulletHead's album Know Your Enemy was written by Alex Hermescec and Graham Young, Know Your Enemy was published in 2006 through MGM. Rubikon was well known for breaking attendance records at the main room Metro Theatre and other live venues across Australia.[11] In 2007, the band were set to record recorded their second album GAIA with 25 Gold and Platinum record producer of Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, System of a Down, TOOL, Smashing Pumpkins producer Shivvy.[12] Unfortunately the band dissolved after the "Know Your Enemy" release and half way through the "Get Head" Tour. "After years of hard slogging through the Australian hard rock terrains, we had exhausted ourselves". In Skueys mind, KNOW YOUR ENEMY was a disappointing failure.[13][14]



Know Your Enemy[edit]

Song Title Year
Love & War 2006
Apache 2006
Difference 2006
The Prophet 2006
I AM 2006
Misery 2006
Living Lie 2006
Where it begins 2006
The Darkness 2006
Promise made 2006
Fight for me 2006



Song Title Year
Defender of the Faith 2011



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