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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Paul Lynch
Produced by Peter Haley
Written by Bryan McCann
John Sheppard
Music by Paul Zaza
Cinematography René Verzier
Edited by Nick Rotundo
Allarcom Limited
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
August 29, 1986
Running time
96 minutes (Canada)
90 minutes
Country Canada
Language English
Box office $2,995,527

Bullies is a 1986 Canadian action-drama film about a feud between two families in a small town in a similar vein to the story of Romeo and Juliet. The film was directed by Paul Lynch, and stars Jonathan Crombie, Janet-Laine Green, Stephen Hunter, and Olivia d'Abo.


The peaceful Morris family moves to a small town and buy the town grocery store, only to run into the Cullens, a family that's been bullying the townspeople for years, and they begin to torment the Morrises every chance they get. Matt Morris (Jonathan Crombie) begins seeing a girl named Becky (Olivia d'Abo), whose last name is unfortunately Cullen. In this Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship, Matt and Becky have to keep their relationship a secret, but when the feuding families find out, harassment is elevated to vicious assault.



Bullies opened at the box office (8/29-31) at #13 with $1,532,605, and ended at $2,995,527.[1]


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