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Coordinates: 51°24′18″N 1°09′54″W / 51.4051°N 1.1651°W / 51.4051; -1.1651

Bullingdon is an ancient hundred in the south-east of the county of Oxfordshire.

The hundred used to include villages such as Cuddesdon, Garsington, the Baldons and Milton. However, the hundred was changed by the nineteenth century to conform more regularly with council wards and today it covers the area of several ancient hundreds, occupying most of south-central Oxon.

The primary use of the hundred area today is for census data. Beyond this, the distinction bears little contemporary importance and is little-known popularly. However the name lives on in the form of HM Prison Bullingdon, a Category B/C prison located in the village of Arncott in Oxfordshire. The name of Bullingdon Green, meeting place of the original hundred,[1] also survives on Ordnance Survey larger-scale maps, just north of the modern Horspath Sports Ground.


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Further reading[edit]

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