Burcu Güneş

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Burcu Güneş
Burcu Güneş Bostanci Konseri 2013.jpg
Background information
Born (1975-08-12) 12 August 1975 (age 43)
İzmir, Turkey
GenresPop, folk, jazz
  • Raks
  • Marş
  • Erol Köse
  • Seyhan
  • Yazz
  • DMC
  • GNL

Burcu Güneş (Turkish pronunciation: [buɾˈdʒu ɟyˈneʃ]; born 12 August 1975) is a Turkish singer.

Early years[edit]

Burcu Güneş was born on 12 August 1975 in İzmir. Since her early childhood, Burcu grew up surrounded by music allowing for her early exposure into the music industry. When she composed her first piece at the age of 12, it became clear to her along with those that surrounded her that music would play a large an active role in her promising future. Starting off as a vocalist for her father, Burcu obtained her first stage experience at the age of 13 when she moved to Antalya.[citation needed]

Working at Resorts with an Orchestra[edit]

The first genres Güneş tackled in her singing career were pop and jazz as she sang songs belonging to those genres with the orchestra which her father created. The orchestra went around to perform at famous hotels and holiday resort villages giving Güneş a chance to make herself known to interested people from all over the world that came to Turkey for holidays. Performing with orchestras allowed her to attract local attention as well.[citation needed]

First Album[edit]

When she turned 18, Güneş went back to İzmir to take classes in singing and solfége. She took these courses and lessons from Prof. Müfit Bayraşa, who had been most famous directing the İzmir 9 Eylül Conservatory. While she took on these advanced studies, she sang at well-known hotels in İzmir and Bodrum.

Around this time, she met the Turkish pianist Burçin Büke, who was impressed by her. He managed to record songs written at the studio while Burçin did his part in playing the piano parts in the background. The demo of the records they have recorded was sent to Raks Universal, which was a famous music brand company in İstanbul. This was a turning point for Güneş. She was invited to come to İstanbul to create and record her first album.[citation needed]


In 1997, she tried her luck at the Turkish Eurovision national finals with a song called, "Gece". Güneş, however, failed to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland.[citation needed]

“Aşk Yarası”[edit]

In November 1997, Güneş released her first album, “Aşk Yarası” with the help of other famous musicians, Garo Mafyan (who has worked on several Turkish Eurovision entries), Nino Varon, Tanju Arıkan and other members who belong to her team. Four songs from this album became instant hits; "Alimallah", “Aşk Yarası”, "Hayallerde Gezginim", and “Yaşadık Bitmedi“. This instant success allowed her to earn the title of being the best female debut pop artist in 1997. Güneş moved on to work with three other strong vocalist who would later help her build her career as an artist.[citation needed]

Güneş wanted to feature something different and surprising so she decided to work with famous musician, composer and producer Ara Dinkjian as well. What’s interesting about this is that she played a role in singing five of the songs he's created. Ara and Burcu's work had pop music be combined with ethnic music which was all completed with the help of some well-known American musicians.[citation needed]


During all this time, Güneş had been composing her own songs which she would feature in her upcoming albums. At the same time, she also renewed the contracts she had with her record company along with her team in order to continue working and releasing her upcoming albums. While working on her album, Güneş found the time to perform “Çile Bülbülüm”, which allowed the song to achieve to a lot of popularity and radio air-play request. Another single she recorded was "Selvi Boylum" ("Uzak Değilim"). She continued to work on her second album until it was released in January 2001. "Biz Aşkı Meleklerden Çaldık" and "Yansın Geceler" became instant hits during the presentation of her second album, Tılsım. Following this success, Güneş took the time to travel throughout Turkey and Europe in order to perform at concert tour. Tılsım ended up becoming one of the most successful albums as it was one of the most selling and requested albums in 2001.[citation needed]

"Ay Şahit"[edit]

Güneş went on to release her third album, "Ay Şahit" on 8 June 2004 proved her talent as a composer as she composes songs that were featured in the release of the album. With the help of Tufan Taş,[who?] Güneş saw her instant hit singles include, "Ay Şahit", "Sahilden", "Sınıfta Kal" and "Son Mektup". Güneş continued working with Erol Köse, her executive producer. The album managed to achieve an incredible success in the week which it was released.[citation needed]

“Ben Ateş Ben Su”[edit]

It was not long after until Güneş released her fourth album in November 2006 called, “Ben Ateş Ben Su”. The album was produced by herself with some aid from Tufan Taş and Mert Erken. Some of the singles released were "Olmazsan Olmaz" along with, "Ben Yeter miyim?" and "Kaybol Benle". Recently she released the song "Oflaya Oflaya", and sang a duet with Eflatun, "Cıkmaz Sokaklar".[citation needed]

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