Buzz Caner

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Buzz Caner
Studio album by Chaos A.D.
Released 1998 May 25
Genre Acid techno
Length 70:47
Label Rephlex
Chaos A.D. chronology
Burningn'n Tree
(1997)Burningn'n Tree1997
Buzz Caner
Remixes 12"
(1998)Remixes 12"1998
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[1]

Buzz Caner is an album by Chaos A.D., an alias of Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson). Instead of Squarepusher's unusual drum and bass sound, this album uses a more techno-based acid house sound.

Track listing


1."Thin Life"5:20
2."Mess Head"7:06
4."Generation Shit"3:10
5."Dreaded Pestilence"6:22
6."Mind War Electro"9:00
7."Friend Track"3:54
8."Psultan Part 1"5:17
9."Theme From Cumberland Wrestling"4:39
10."Male Pill Part 6"6:51
11."Up the Gary"6:21
12."Davey's Safety Lamp"6:12

3×12" vinyl

Side A

  1. "Thin Life"
  2. "Messhead"

Side B

  1. "Bioslate"
  2. "Generation Shit"

Side C

  1. "Dreaded Pestilence"
  2. "Mind War Electro"

Side D

  1. "Friend Track"
  2. "Psultan Part 1"

Side E

  1. "Theme From Cumberland Wrestling"
  2. "Male Pill Part 6"

Side F

  1. "Up the Gary"
  2. "Davey's Safety Lamp"


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