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Computer & Entertainment Inc.
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C&E Inc. (full name Computer & Entertainment Inc. (Chinese: 全崴資訊股份有限公司)), is a Taiwanese video game company based in Taipei. Established in the early 90's, the company developed "unlicensed" titles for the consoles NES and Sega Mega Drive with the exception of Simulation Zoo, which was published by Soft Bank for PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

In 1992, some of its members had left the company for the foundation of Hummer Team, a NES pirate game development studio (that which was defunct in 2010).

The rights of their most well-known Beggar Prince and Super Fighter are now in the hands of North American company Super Fighter Team,[1] which has adapted them to new platforms after translating them into English and performing bug fixes and improvements.

Though C&E is still in business, they no longer produce video game software.

List of C&E games[edit]

Official titles[edit]

No. Title AKA title(s) Genre Platform(s) Release year(s) Notes
1 Tiles of Fate 1) Zhànguó Sìchuān Shěng
2) Idol Shisen Mahjong in JP
Mahjong NES 1990 First C&E game that contains nudity, but only in the Japanese release.
2 Magic Bubble 1) Bubble Bath Babes in U.S. (Erotic version)
2) Mermaids of Atlantis in U.S. (Clean version)
3) Soap Panic in Japan
Puzzle NES, Sega Mega Drive 1991 (NES)
1993 (SMD)
Second C&E game that contains nudity, except for the Mega Drive version.
3 AV Mahjong Club Mahjong NES 1991 Third C&E game that contains nudity.
4 AV Super Real Pachinko AV Pachinko Pachinko NES 1991 Fourth C&E game that contains nudity.
5 Shènghuǒ Lièzhuàn RPG NES 1991[2]
6 Ultimate League Soccer 1) AV Soccer in Japan
2) Futebol in Brazil
Sports NES 1991 Fifth C&E game that contains nudity, but only in the Japanese release.
7 Decathlon Sports NES 1992[3]
8 Super Fighter Kuài Dǎ Zhìzūn Fighting MS-DOS 1993 The English version of the game was developed by Super Fighter Team in 2005.
9 Devilish Mahjong Tower Máquè Èmó Tǎ Mahjong Sega Mega Drive 1994
10 Taiwan Tycoon Táiwān Dàhēng Adventure Sega Mega Drive 1994
11 World Pro Baseball 94 Shìjiè Zhí Bàng Zhēngbà Zhàn Sports Sega Mega Drive 1994
12 A Q Renkan Awa Ā Q Liánhuán Pào Edutainment Game-of-Life quiz hybrid Sega Mega Drive 1995
13 Fēngshénbǎng - Zhǔ Lù Zhī Zhàn RPG NES 1995 Based on the Chinese novel of the same name.
14 Super Taiwanese Baseball League Chāojí Zhōnghuá Zhí Bàng Liánméng Sports Super A'Can 1995 Game developed by Quan Wei Technology.
15 Beggar Prince Xīn Qǐgài Wángzǐ RPG Sega Mega Drive, PC 1996 (SMD)
1998 (PC)
The English version of the game was developed by Super Fighter Team in 2006.
16 Simulation Zoo Zoo simulator Sega Saturn, PlayStation 1997 Game published by Soft Bank.

Unreleased titles[edit]

  • American Crisis (NES)
  • Bai-Bai Dino (NES)
  • Rolltris (NES)

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