Cáhuil Bridge

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Cáhuil Bridge
Puente Cáhuil - 1.jpg
The Cáhuil Bridge, as seen in 2008.
Coordinates 34°28′49″S 72°01′06″W / 34.4803°S 72.0182°W / -34.4803; -72.0182Coordinates: 34°28′49″S 72°01′06″W / 34.4803°S 72.0182°W / -34.4803; -72.0182
Crosses Cáhuil Lagoon
Locale Pichilemu, Chile
Official name Puente Cáhuil
Opened 2001[1]

The Cáhuil Bridge (Spanish: Puente Cáhuil) is a bridge in Chile, located in the village of Cáhuil, Pichilemu, Chile. It connects Pichilemu and the southern commune of Paredones and the Bucalemu beach resort.

The bridge was completed in 2001.[1]


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