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This article is about the name. For other uses, see Celine (disambiguation).
Pronunciation [selin]
Gender female
Word/name Greek σελήνης selēnēs
Meaning moon
Region of origin France

Céline, or sometimes Celine, is a French female given name, of Greek origin, meaning "moon" (See also Selina). Céline was frequently given as a first name in honour of two Gallo-Roman saints closely associated with the beginnings of the French nation: Saint Céline of Laon, mother of St Rémy, and Saint Céline of Meaux, a companion of Saint Geneviève; Feast day for both is 21 October. In addition it is notable for one of the sisters of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Céline Martin, who also became a nun. It may refer to:

People with the surname[edit]

  • Louis-Ferdinand Céline, the pen name of Louis-Ferdinand Destouches (1894–1961), a French writer and doctor
  • Hagbard Celine, character in the Illuminatus trilogy of books by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

People with the given name[edit]

Artists and entertainers[edit]


Politicians and journalists[edit]


  • Mary Celine Fasenmyer (1906–1996), American nun and mathematician (often referred to as Sister Celine)
  • Celine Figard (1976–1995), French student murdered during a visit to the United Kingdom in December 1995