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Cina, Cinà or CINA may refer to:


  • Chinas or Chīnaḥ (Sanskrit चीन (cīna)), a people mentioned in ancient Indian literature from the first millennium BC
  • Kapitan Cina, a high-ranking government position in the civil administration of colonial Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo and the Philippines

Given name[edit]


  • Frederick A. Cina (1908-1984), American lawyer and politician
  • Jan Cina (born 1988), Czech artist dancer, actor and vocalist of Romani descent
  • Michele Cinà (born 1956), Italian long-distance runner


  • CINA Media Group, an owner of Canadian radio stations
    • CINA (AM), based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    • CINA-FM, based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    • CKIN-FM, also known as Radio CINA, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada



  • Former Buginese lost kingdom of Cina, later absorbed by Luwu
  • China, also known as Cina, a country in East Asia

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