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Commonwealth of the Independent States - Election Monitoring Organization (CIS-EMO) — is an international non-governmental organization, the main declared aim of each is to assist maintaining and developing the institution of elections and civil control in states with developing systems of democracy. The organization was founded in Russia, 2003. The general director is Aleksey Kochetkov (Russia) from 2004 till 2013. In 2013 Alexander Bedritskiy is elected the director of CIS-EMO.

Structure of the Organization[edit]

The leading body of the Organization is the Supreme Council. Representatives of different countries constitute the Supreme Council. Today representatives of Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Latvia, Estonia are members of the authority of CIS-EMO. In 2008 CIS-EMO signed an agreement with the Centre for Monitoring Democratic Processes ‘Quorum’ for co-operation.

CIS-EMO International Monitoring Missions[edit]

CIS-EMO participated in observing the following elections:

EU Important Members of CIS-EMO Missions[edit]

Status on the moment of participation.

CIS-EMO Activities[edit]

CIS-EMO participates and organizes different events such as:

  • Round table in the European Parliament ‘Controlled Democracy in Russia?’, March 2009, Brussels;
  • International conference ‘ Civic institutions in the election process. Control and maintaining’ in the Public Chamber of Russia, January 2009, Moscow;
  • Conference ‘ Voting for democracy? ’, December 2009, Berlin;
  • Round table ‘Dynamics in the developing of the democratic institutions in the Republic of South Ossetia in the first year after having been recognized’, May 2009, Tskhinval;
  • Round table ‘Investment potential of South Ossetia: complex approach, problems and perspectives’, 2010, Tskhinval;
  • School of international observers, September, 2010, Kyrgyzstan;
  • OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting, July 2008, Vienna;
  • Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Democratic Lawmaking, OSCE, November 2008, Vienna;
  • Round table ‘ Civil Society in Law System of Modern Europe’, January 2009, Athens;
  • Election conference of the party ‘European Left’, 2009, Berlin;
  • International conference ‘Global Europe’, EUP, 2009, Brussels;
  • Forum ‘European Union and Russia: new perspectives’, EUP, 2009, Brussels;
  • Yaroslavl Global Policy Forum - ‘Modern State: standards of democracy and criteria of effectiveness’, September 2009, Yaroslavl;
  • Review Conference, September 2010, Warsaw;
  • Forum for Security Co-operation, OSCE, October 2011, Warsaw;
  • Round table ‘Election Systems of States of Old Democracy’, RIA Novosti, February, 2012, Moscow.

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