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CSIRO Hut is located in New South Wales
CSIRO Hut (New South Wales)
Coordinates 36°13′45.5″S 148°33′38.3″E / 36.229306°S 148.560639°E / -36.229306; 148.560639Coordinates: 36°13′45.5″S 148°33′38.3″E / 36.229306°S 148.560639°E / -36.229306; 148.560639
Country Australia
State/territory New South Wales
National park Kosciuszko National Park
Built in 1963
Built by CSIRO
Built for Rabbit studies
Maintained by Kosciusko Huts Association
Accessed by Foot

CSIRO Hut , also known as the Rabbiters Hut, is an Australian alpine hut in the Kosciuszko National Park.

The hut was built by the CSIRO in 1963 as a base camp for researchers investigating methods of rabbit control. It was located in the north-eastern region of Snowy Plain, where the region's rabbit population was high. Further rabbit research programs were conducted in the area from 1966 to 1971, and from 1995.[1]

The CSIRO ceased to operate the hut from 2000 following government cutbacks in rabbit research.[2] Since then it has been available as a shelter for hikers in Kosciuszko National Park.[1]

The CSIRO Hut is a single room with basic kitchen facilities. Construction materials include timber walls and floor, asbestos cement cladding and a corrugated iron roof.[1][3]

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