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The cTuning Foundation
Collective Knowledge and cTuning logo.png
Founded2014; 5 years ago (2014)
FounderGrigori Fursin
TypeNon-profit research and development organization, Engineering organization
Registration no.W943003814
FocusCollaborative software, Open Science, Open Source Software, Reproducibility, Computer Science, Machine learning, Artifact Evaluation, Performance tuning, Knowledge management
OriginsCollective Tuning Initiative & Milepost GCC
Area served
MethodDevelop open-source tools, public repository of knowledge and common methodology for collaborative and reproducible experimentation

The cTuning Foundation is a global non-profit organization developing open-source tools and common methodology to enable sustainable, collaborative and reproducible research in Computer science,[1] perform collaborative optimization of realistic workloads across devices provided by volunteers, enable self-optimizing computer systems[2] [3], and automate artifact evaluation at machine learning and systems conferences and journals.

Notable projects[edit]

  • Collective Knowledge - open-source framework to share artifacts as customizable and reusable components with unified JSON API, implement sustainable and portable research workflows and crowdsource experiments across diverse platforms provided by volunteers.
  • ACM ReQuEST - Reproducible Quality-Efficient Systems Tournaments to co-design efficient software/hardware stack for deep learning algorithms in terms of speed, accuracy and costs across diverse platforms, environments, libraries, models and data sets[4]
  • MILEPOST GCC - open-source technology to build machine learning based self-optimizing compilers.
  • CK autotuner - universal, customizable and multi-objective autotuner.[2]
  • CK package and environment manager - python CK API to detect, install and rebuild code and data dependencies for CK workflows.
  • Artifact Evaluation - validation of experimental results from published papers at the computer systems conferences.
  • Reproducible Papers - a public index of reproducible papers with available and reusable research components.


Grigori Fursin developed cTuning.org at the end of the Milepost project in 2009 to continue his research on machine learning based program and architecture optimization as a community effort.[5][6]

In 2014, cTuning Foundation was registered in France as a non-profit research and development organization. It received funding from the EU TETRACOM project and ARM to develop Collective Knowledge Framework and prepare reproducible research methodology for ACM and IEEE conferences.


Current funding comes from the European Union research and development funding programme, dividiti, Microsoft and other organizations.[7]


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