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CVS Ferrari
Industry Heavy equipment
Headquarters Italy
Products Machinery
Website CVS Ferrari

CVS Ferrari dates back to the 1940s, when it was previously known as THE FERRARI BELOTTI S.p.A. Belotti was the first company to design and build mobile handling equipment specifically for ports from their manufacturing facility on "Ponte Canepa" wharf.

In July 2002 CVS bought Belotti.

The Belotti days[edit]

In 1952 Belotti manufactured the first crane able to lift and transport military aircraft. In 1967 Belotti introduced the first container handling straddle carrier with side lifting capability.

The first 100-tonne capacity aircraft transporter was supplied in 1967. Belotti later delivered machines to armed forces worldwide. Belotti ultimately supplied over 1,200 machines worldwide.


1973 – The company is founded as manufacturer of crane carriers and special vehicles

1982 – Terminal and ro-ro tractors are manufactured

1990 – The company enters in container handling manufacturing with its first Top Loader

1993 – First family of reachstacker model Ferrari 100 are launched

1997 – The second generation of reach stackers model Ferrari 200 is introduced in the market

2001 – Alliances with Taylor and Komatsu are signed to become global manufacturer of reach stackers

2002 – Acquisition of the Belotti

2004 – Acquisition of the Papalini company (ex Kalmar dealer for Italy) to create CVS Service

The CVS Ferrari range[edit]

CVS Ferrari and Ferrari Belotti supply materials handling equipment including yard, terminal and ro-ro tractors, trailers, forktrucks, from 10-45 tonnes, forktrucks for laden/empty container handling, reachstackers for laden/empty container handling, cont-runners, straddle carriers, coil handlers, military aircraft transporters, dumpers for mines, mobile crane carriers, rough terrain container handlers.

C.V.S. Service[edit]



CVS Ferrari acquired CVS Service in 2004. Its headquarters are in Prato, near Florence (Tuscany). Its main activities are:

•research, development, assembly, installation, selling and hiring of forklift trucks, special vehicles, machines, technological systems for load lifting and moving. All these activities are handled by CVS Service both on its own and upon third parts request;

•organisation of the logistic and integrated management system related to the above-mentioned machines and equipment;

•service activities such as repairing, maintenance, overhauling, technical and legal advice concerning the above-mentioned machines.


CVS Service is authorized to operate all around Italy and worldwide on CVS, Ferrari-Belotti and Kalmar machines and to provide assistance to Still forklifts in Tuscany.

Internal organization[edit]

CVS Service employs 33 technicians in four departments, light line, heavy line, internal workshop and external workshop. Technicians are regularly kept up to date and trained regularly by the company. They are trained on emergency tasks, and can work alone or in teams. Each technician is provided with a van supplied with tools. There are 30 vans: 12 for heavy line, 10 for light line, 4 for miscellaneous purposes, 3 for the warehouse and 1 for forklift transport. Service operations conform with norm ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000) according to the corporate quality system certified by R.I.N.A.

Research and development[edit]

The Technical Department employs 14% of the work force, and develops the Ferrari range of products. It has its own internal Research & Development department.

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