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Directed by Nia Dinata
Produced by Nia Dinata
Written by Nia Dinata
Starring Niniek L. Karim
Ferry Salim
Lola Amaria
Music by Andi Rianto
Cinematography German G. Mintapradja
Edited by Sastha Sunu
Distributed by Kalyana Shira Film
Release date
  • 7 February 2002 (2002-02-07)
Running time
120 minutes
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian

Ca-bau-kan (Chinese: 擦包看) also known as The Courtesan is a 2002 Indonesian romantic drama film, directed by Nia Dinata, and starring Niniek L. Karim, Ferry Salim and Lola Amaria. It was distributed by Kalyana Shira Film and released on February 7, 2002 in Jakarta. The film was screened at the 2003 Palm Springs International Film Festival.


Ca Bau Kan relates the saga of Giok Lan, an Indonesian woman living in the Netherlands, who returns to Indonesia in search of her roots. Her mother, Tinung, a village woman, was known as ‘Ca Bau Kan’ – a word used to describe a courtesan who entertained Chinese men in colonial Indonesia. Giok Lan’s father, Tan Peng Liang (Ferry Salim), was an immigrant Chinese merchant who had a very successful tobacco business in Batavia. She becomes deeply involved with him, and causes a scandal when he has Tinung move in with his family. The film is set between 1930 and 1950, and unfolds the story of Giok Lan and her parents: Tinung and Tan Peng Liang where Tan is eventually ruined when his rivals begin to attack him. This is owing to the significant contrast in socio-economic and cultural background, as the love of these last two characters face a series of difficulties. Depiction of Chinese Indonesian culture is largely based on the Benteng Chinese culture.[1]


  • Ferry Salim as Tan Peng Liang
  • Lola Amaria as Tinung
  • Niniek L. Karim as Giok Lan
  • Irgi A. Fahrenzi as Tan soen Bie
  • Alex Komang as Rahardjo Soetardjo
  • Robby Tumewu as Thio Boen Hiap
  • Ananda George as Max Awuy
  • Tutie Kirana as Jeng Tut
  • Henky Solaiman as Liem Kiem Jang
  • Lulu Dewayanti as Saodah
  • Chossy Latu as Nyoo Tek Hong
  • Alvin Adam as Timothy Wu
  • Maria Oentoe as Tan Peng Liang's mother
  • Billy Glenn as Tja Wan Sen
  • Joseph Ginting as Oey Eng Goan
  • Moelyono as Tan Peng Liang Tamim
  • Yongki Komaladi as Kwee Tjwie Sien


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