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Berbagi Suami
Berbagi Suami poster.jpg
Directed by Nia Dinata
Produced by Elza Hidayat
Claud Kunetz
Constantin Papadimitriou
Written by Nia Dinata
Starring Jajang C. Noer
Shanty[disambiguation needed]
Dominique Agisca Diyose
El Manik
Tio Pakusadewo
Lukman Sardi
Nungki Kusumastuti
Ria Irawan
Ira Maya Sopha
Winky Wiryawan
Rieke Diah Pitaloka
Reuben Elishama
Atiqah Hasiholan
Janna Soekasah
Melissa Karim
Music by Aghi Narottama
Bemby Gusti
Ramondo Gascaro
Cinematography Ipung Rahmat Syaiful
Edited by Yoga Krispatama
Kalyana Shira Films
Distributed by Kalyana Shira Films
Release dates
March 23, 2006
Running time
105 minutes
Country Indonesia
Language Bahasa Indonesia

Love for Share (Indonesian: Berbagi Suami) is a 2006 Indonesian film directed by Nia Dinata. It was sent to the 79th Academy Awards as Indonesia's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film, but was not nominated.[1]

This film also received Golden Orchid Award as Best Foreign Language Film in Hawaii Film Festival in 2007


Salma Story[edit]

Salma (Jajang C. Noer) was a successful woman who life in a high social stration and felt happy in her occupation as a doctor. Her husband, Mr. Haji Ali Imron (El Manik) was a businessman who jumped into the political arena. Ali was a polygynist and had several young wives, such as Indri (Nungki Kusumastuti) and Ima (Atiqah Hasiholan). The truth is Salma didn't like her husband's habit, but she prefers to be silent obedient wife. Salma's child who is now an adult, Nadim (Winky Wiryawan) was the only reason why Salma chose to keep silent, although Nadine himself opposed it. One day, Ali suffered from a stroke and was paralyzed. In his deathbed, he told his son not to follow his path. Nadine finally could forgive his father and Ali also died peacefully. At the funeral, it turns out Ali still has a teenage young wife (Laudya Cynthia Bella). Nadine decided to go to Aceh as a volunteer.

Siti Story[edit]

Siti (Shanty[disambiguation needed]) is a Javanese girl who was taken from village to Jakarta by Mr. versa (Lukman Sardi). Siti desire to go to Jakarta to attend a beauty courses. In the village, Mr. Lik always styled as if he is an important person in the film industry in Jakarta as Mr. Lik photographs with famous actors. In fact, he was just a driver of a movie studio acquisition with a mediocre salary. Siti had to face reality when he applied by Mr. Lik that after they were married two, Sri (Ria Irawan) and Dwi (Rieke Diah Pitaloka). Siti was forced to slow down her goals by taking care the children of Dwi and Sri vast quantities. Mr. Lik sent to Aceh for tsunami documentation coverage there, as long as it is, Siti and Dwi undergo a lesbian relationship and determination to want to get out of the house with two children. Siti who have not been pregnant, escort Sri to a gynecologist who proclaim that Sri exposed to gonorrhea caused by her husband. It made Siti and Dwi more determined to run away. A few days after returning from Aceh, Mr. Lik brings a new wife named Santi, in the early morning. Siti and Dwi go.

Ming Story[edit]

Ming (Dominique) is a 19-year-old girl who worked at a duck restaurant Koh Abun (Tio Pakusadewo), the chef and owner of the restaurant. Koh Abun has a wife named Cik Linda (Ira Maya Sopha) the financial management of the restaurant and is considered Koh Abun hockey as a carrier for him. Ming's presence as a waitress to add the duck restaurant customers are already selling all the time, the success of the restaurant was kept by Cik Linda were stingy, so although this restaurant generates enormous profits, all the trinkets still like the old restaurant. Beauty Ming makes many men fascinated including Koh Abun and Ming friend who works as a director, Firman (Reuben Elishama). Finally Koh Abun not hold and intend to marry Ming, but after marriage with finesse, Koh Abun not dare to tell the truth to Cik Linda. Ming was given facilities such as apartments and cars, besides that, Ming uses everything to pursue his dream as an actress. Ming drowned in his home life, especially after Cik Linda went temporarily to the United States to visit his children go to school there. Firman came Ming and said that Ming is still a long way of life and do not deserve to live good lives. Word Ming offered to study acting and casting in the film following the prime word length. Ming agreed and learn offset as mistresses and aspiring actress. On one morning, he beated by Cik Linda and her children who had just returned from America. Apparently, the attitude of the Ming and Koh Abun intimate, suspected of many parties and everyone had thought. Finally, Koh Abun family moved to the United States Green Card is long because they pose qualify. All assets sold by Ming as everything above named Koh Abun. Ming was given some money to help his future. Ming also buy a rented house at the same time initiating a new future.


Berbagi Suami film stories is divided into three segments, namely the story of Salma, Siti stories and stories nurse. Share Husband is the speech of the women who live the life of a polygamous ages, different social and ethnic groups: Salma, played by Jajang C. Noer represented the educated with high social strata, working as doctors, Betawi culture is set in the 50s, married to businessman the plunge into politics. Siti is played by Shanty women from remote Java, who was approaching the 30's; and Ming, played by Dominique, a girl of Chinese descent who was 19 years old.

The three had met, though not too know each other, but they had a similar condition: polygamy. Berbagi Suami is narrative of Salma, Siti and Ming about living in polygamy.

Relationship Between Story[edit]


Salma and Siti: Salma is the doctor who examined Sri's urine sample that was delivered by Siti. Salma and Ming: Salma family were regular customers in Koh Abun's duck restaurant


Siti and Salma: Sri and Siti deliver to a gynecologist, the doctor is Salma Siti and Ming: When Dwi run away with her son, Ming came to give the dolls. Then, the new rented house of Ming adjacent to the house of Mr. Lik.


Ming and Salma: Ming recognize Salma family as regulars restaurant. Ming and Siti: New rented house of Ming near the house of Mr. Lik. Ming gave the doll to Dwi child when Dwi and children fled.



  • Ikke Nurjanah as Herself
  • Lula Kamal as Dr. Lula
  • Alvin Adam as Dr. Joko
  • Dewi Irawan as Professor Opponents of Polygamy
  • Maudy Koesnaedi as Presenter Talkshow
  • Laudya Cynthia Bella as The fourth wife
  • Aming as Taxi driver
  • Erwin Parengkuan as
  • Wak Ujang as
  • Yuanita Christiani as Cik Linda' daughter
  • Ronny P. Tjandra as Koh Afung
  • Rusdi Rukmarata as Acting coach


Main article: Berbagi Suami (music)

OST. Berbagi Suami is a compilation album released under the label Aksara Records in 2006 to accompany the film Berbagi Suami, with the support of the music group indie like, Sore.


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