Cacao, French Guiana

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The Village of Cacao
Cacao Market

Cacao is a town in French Guiana, lying on the Comté river to the south of Cayenne. Most of the town's population are Hmong farmers, refugees from Laos who were resettled in French Guiana in the 1970s. There is a Sunday morning market at which Hmong weaving, embroidery and food can be purchased. The main hotel in Cacao is L'Auberge des Orpailleurs with minimum accommodation.


Cacao's population at the end of 2007 is around 950, the most populated town in the commune of Roura. There are two primary schools, one private and one public, and there is no junior high nor high school. Two churches, one Evangelical Protestant and one Catholic. There are 3 restaurants, one grocery store, a morning bread store, an insect museum, a town clinic, a Gendarmerie station, and a small library next to the Comté river. During December the village hosts a Hmong New Year's festival that lasts about 3–4 days. The village is only about four blocks in size, with narrow streets. Recently, a few "bungalow-like" hotels have been built, where visitors and tourists can stay overnight in Cacao, again with minimum accommodation. Sunday is the best day to visit Cacao. Other than the European Space Centre and Devil's Island, Cacao is the place to be every weekend throughout the year [/commercial tone > not encyclopedic style]. It is a tourist village for most visitors from metropolitan France and elsewhere. Boating, canoeing, and kayaking up the Comte River can be rent in Cacao and jungle trip can be set up through couple of the guides in Cacao as well.

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Coordinates: 4°34′10″N 52°28′9″W / 4.56944°N 52.46917°W / 4.56944; -52.46917