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Created by Marcelo Hernández
Starring Marcelo Hernández
Country of origin Chile
Running time 60:00
Original network TVN
Canal 13
Red TV
Original release 1983

Cachureos (Chilean Spanish for odds and ends) was a Chilean television program created in 1983 by Marcelo Hernández.


Cachureos is like a Game Show where the host, "Tío Marcelo" gives prizes to the kids who win the competitions. Tío Marcelo interacted with mans in animals and things costumes who entertained the children. For making the program exiting, Marcelo exclaimed to the children "¡El grito, el grito, el grito!" (Spanish for "The scream, the scream, the scream!").


The show was transmitted by TVN between 1983 and 1998 making a great success. That same year, 1998, the show was purchased by Canal 13 but the program was only four years in the channel due to economic problems [1]

After a three-year hiatus the show was broadcast by Red TV.


  • Tío Marcelo (Marcelo Hernández): The program's host.
  • Gato Juanito: A black cat with white face.
  • Epidemia: A bacterium who loves dirt.
  • Wenceslao: A rabbit with glasses.
  • Chester: An old lion who is very smart.
  • Señor Lápiz: A pencil who communicates with gestures.
  • Señor Oso: A panda bear of big size.
  • Chanchoman: A pig. The show's antagonist.The kids must defeat him in a force test.
  • La Mosca: A fly. Chanchoman wants to kill her.
  • El Zancudo Draculón: A green mosquito, sucks blood and refers to Count Dracula.
  • Don Walo: An overweight man.
  • El Tiburón: A shark. He eats the children who lose the contests. Inspired in Steven Spielberg's Jaws.
  • El Pollo: A yellow chicken.
  • El Piojo y la Pulga: A louse and a flea in love.
  • El Manguera: A green hose who sings cueca.
  • Murci: A superhero, parodies Batman.
  • Robot Tuerca: Inspired in RoboCop.


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