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Cade or Kade is a masculine given name and surname. As a given name, it's used as a nickname for Caden, Cadence, and other related names. It may refer to:


Given name[edit]

  • Cade McNown (born 1977), former quarterback for the Chicago Bears


  • Cade Biggums (born-date) Proffesinal Rock Handler
  • Jack Cade (died 1450), English rebel
  • Jamie Cade (born 1984), English footballer
  • John Cade (1912–1980), Australian psychiatrist
  • John A. Cade (1929–1996), former American politician
  • Lance Cade (1981–2010), American professional wrestler
  • Michael Cade (born 1972), actor in the 1990s television series California Dreams
  • Mossy Cade (born 1961), American football player
  • Robert Cade (1927–2007), University of Florida professor of medicine and inventor of Gatorade
  • Rowena Cade (1893-1983), creator of the Minack Theatre in Cornwall, England
  • Sam Cade, fictional sheriff and hero of the television series Cade's County
  • William Cade (1883–1957), Australian orchestral conductor
  • William H. Cade, zoologist and expert on the biology of crickets


  • Cade (novel), a 1966 novel by James Hadley Chase
  • Cade (Series), a young adult science fiction series by author Douglas Hill
  • Cade Skywalker, a character in Star Wars: Legacy comic series
  • Nathaniel Cade, protagonist and vampire-hero in Blood Oath and subsequent works in the President's Vampire series of novels by Christopher Farnsworth


Other uses[edit]