Cadets (film)

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Directed by Karl Ritter
Produced by Karl Ritter
Written by Karl Ritter
Felix Lützkendorf
Starring Mathias Wieman
Carsta Löck
Andrews Engelmann
Theo Shall
Music by Herbert Windt
Cinematography Günther Anders
Edited by Gottfried Ritter
Distributed by UFA
Release date
5 September 1939
2 December 1941 (general release)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Cadets (German: Kadetten) is a 1939 German historical war film directed by Karl Ritter and starring Mathias Wieman, Carsta Löck and Andrews Engelmann. The film is set in 1760, against the backdrop of the Austro-Russian Raid on Berlin during the Seven Years' War. It depicts a group of Prussian cadets holding off superior Russian forces. Because of its anti-Russian theme the film was pulled from release in 1939 following the Nazi-Soviet Pact. It was put on general release in December 1941, once Germany and the Soviets were at war.[1] The film is loosely connected to the Prussian film cycle of historical epics.



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