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Cairngaan, Wigtownshire, is the southmost settlement in Scotland. The hamlet of Cairngaan lies just north of the Mull of Galloway (which contains Scotland's most southerly point, and a lighthouse, but no villages) on the B7041, after a turn-off from the B7065 road. The village is at the extreme end of the B7401; as the road comes from an area that is already remote and goes only to this village, it can be said that the only reason to travel it is to experience what it is like to be at Scotland's most southerly settlement. As a result of Cairngaan's southernly location, the town lies south of the English settlements of Newcastle, Sunderland and Carlisle

Nearby settlements include Drummore and Kirkmaiden to the near north. Around 18 miles (30 km) away is Stranraer and the ferry to Northern Ireland.

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Coordinates: 54°39′00″N 4°54′06″W / 54.65009°N 4.90154°W / 54.65009; -4.90154