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Felipe Sobrepeña Calusa
Cal sobrepeña.jpg
Born May 1, 1940
Pangasinan, Commonwealth of the Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Awards Best Komiks Illustrator

Felipe Sobrepeña Calusa (born May 1, 1940, in Pangasinan, Philippines) is a Filipino comics artist.

He is the only child of Rufino Calusa and Teofila Sobrepeña. Orphaned early in life, his mother died in World War II when he was just a year old and his father was always working in the woods because of the war. He was left in the care of aunts and relatives.

When the war was over, his father was able to land a job as a messenger at a post office in Manila, and his father took him to live there. Sobrepeña spent most of his teenage life at the Quezon City High School in Kamuning, Quezon City. After high school, he took up Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. While in college, he was moonlighting as an illustrator at a local bookstore, providing the drawings for textbooks used in elementary and high schools.

Then after earning his degree in college, he got a small job at a local publishing company, where he would draw all the characters of Francisco Balagtas' novel Florante at Laura. Then he applied as an illustrator at several comics publication including Graphic Arts Services, Inc. (GASI), Atlas Publication, Islas Filipinas Publishing Company and ACE Publication. He worked there for years, comics like Silangan, Aliwan, Wakasan, Lovelife, Funny Komiks and the like were very popular during those times. He had worked in comics for so many years and that was where he made a name for himself. Eventually, his talent and hard work paid off. He was given an award for "Best Komiks Illustrator" for his illustrations on the cover of Lovelife Komiks.

Among his works were Karpov, Darmo Kandado, Vertud and Children's Bible sa Wikang Filipino.