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Macrocheles carinatus by Oudemans.png
Macrocheles carinatus. (The legs on the right side have been omitted in this drawing.)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Subclass: Acari
Order: Mesostigmata
Family: Macrochelidae
Vitzthum, 1930

Macrochelidae is a family of mites in the order Mesostigmata, containing the following genera and species:

Aethosoma Krantz, 1962

Ancistrocheles Krantz, 1962

Andhrolaspis Türk, 1948

Bellatocheles van Driel & Loots, 1975

Calholaspis Berlese, 1918

Cophrolaspis Berlese, 1918

Evholocelaeno Berlese, 1918

Geholaspis Berlese, 1918

Glyptholaspis Filipponi & Pegazzano, 1960

Gonatothrix G. W. Krantz, 1988

Holocelaeno Berlese, 1910

Holostaspella Berlese, 1903

Lordocheles Krantz, 1961

Macrocheles Latreille, 1829

Mesocheles N. M. Lizaso & M. C. Mendes, 1994

Neoholaspis Türk, 1948

Neopodocinum Oudemans, 1902

Nothrholaspis Berlese, 1918

Proholaspina Berlese, 1918

Synaphasis Krantz, 1961

Tigonholaspis Vitzthum, 1930

Tricholaspis Evans, 1956

Tricholocelaeno Berlese, 1918

Trigonholaspis Vitzthum, 1930

Venatiolaspis van Driel & Loots, 1975