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California Coast University Ccu logo.jpg
Established 1973
Type distance education
President Thomas Neal
Students 8,000
Location Santa Ana, California, United States

Coordinates: 33°46′44.93″N 117°52′15.39″W / 33.7791472°N 117.8709417°W / 33.7791472; -117.8709417

California Coast University (CCU) is a for profit, private university, based in Santa Ana, California. They are accredited by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission. Degree programs are offered through CCU's distance education curriculum, through both online and correspondence studies, and traditional classroom attendance is not offered. Approximately 8,000 students are enrolled at any given time.


California Coast University was founded in 1973 as California Western University, with administration and library facilities located in downtown Santa Ana, California. The name was changed to California Coast University in 1981. In 2010, CCU moved to larger headquarters to accommodate its continued growth.

California Coast University


CCU offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration, management, marketing, psychology, criminal justice, human resource management, healthcare management, and education.


CCU received national accreditation from the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC) on January 8, 2005.[1] The DEAC is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE).[2] As of January 2010, DEAC accreditation authorizes CCU to award degrees up to and including the doctoral level. Since the DEAC has been approved by USDE to accredit professional doctorates, including the D.B.A. and Ed.D, CCU has been granted approval to offer several Ed.D doctorate programs. CCU has been approved by the State of California since 1974. Such approval is currently granted by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education a branch of the California Department of Consumer Affairs.[3]

Before accreditation in 2005, unaccredited CCU was investigated by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) as part of a study of subsidies given to federal employees for coursework and degrees from unaccredited schools and diploma mills.[1][4][5] The GAO found no wrongdoing and CCU completed their accreditation soon thereafter. CCU graduates with a degree earned during the school's previously unaccredited status have occasionally run into difficulty when trying to use their unaccredited degrees.[6][7]

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