Calvert L. Willey Award

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The Calvert L. Willey Award has been awarded every year since 1989. It is awarded to a member of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) who displayed meritorious and imaginative service to IFT. The award is named for Calvert L. Willey (1920-1994) who served as Executive Secretary and later Executive Director from 1961 until his retirement in 1987. Willey was given a distinguished service award by IFT at the 1987 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. This distinguished service award would be named in his honor and presented for the first time as an annual award at the 1989 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. It was the first IFT Award to be named for a living person.

Award winners receive an USD 3000 honorarium and a plaque from IFT.


Year Winner
1987 Calvert L. Willey
1989 Ben F. Buchanan
1990 Aaron E. Wasserman
1991 Elwood F. Caldwell
1992 Miguel Jimenez
1993 Alan J. Post
1994 André Bolaffi
1995 Charles A. Becker
1996 Gale R. Ammerman
1997 Walter R. Clark
1998 Charles J. Bates
1999 Isabel D. Wolf
2000 Dee M. Graham
2001 Daniel E. Weber
2002 Elizabeth Larmond
2003 Francis F. Busta
2004 Charles H. Manley
2005 Bruce R. Stillings
2006 Pamela D. Tom
2007 William D. Davidson
2008 Neil H. Mermelstein
2009 Mary K. Wagner
2010 Margaret Lawson