Camas Potholes

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The Camas Potholes

The Camas Potholes (in Camas, Washington) is a popular place to jump from moderately high cliffs into the waters below. On a hot, weekend day, the potholes attract people of all ages. The Camas Potholes can be accessed via a trail from Lacamas Park.

Lacamas Park is an especially popular destination in the Camas/Washougal area. The Potholes are featured by the Clark County Parks Department in their description of the park.[1]

The potholes have been included in several write-ups on the internet [2][3] and are a popular focus of photographers [4].

The unusual water flow, drainage from an outlet dam of Lacamas Lake, has carved many "pot holes" in the rock underneath Lacamas Creek. The potholes range in size from approximately 3–10 feet wide and 3–13 feet deep.

Coordinates: 45°35′54″N 122°24′07″W / 45.59833°N 122.40194°W / 45.59833; -122.40194