Camille Charles Leclerc, Chevalier de Fresne

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Camille Charles Leclerc, Chevalier de Fresne was Governor General of Mauritius and Puducherry in the French Colonial Empire.

Significant event in his life[edit]

[clarification needed] One significant event occurred in his tenure was Mr. Pierre Sonnerat, Chief of Yanam, was involved in the business along with other traders. Pierre Sonnerat's commercial involvement brought serious consequences to his administrative post (Chief of Yanam). The petitions were made against Pierre Sonnerat in this connection, to Chevalier de Fresne, the then French Governor General in Puducherry. On 5 June 1790 a French man "De Mars" complained against Pierre Sonnerat for the first time.


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Government offices
Preceded by
François, Vicomte de Souillac
Governor General of Mauritius
(Acting for Souillac)

5 Apr 1785–28 Jun 1785
Succeeded by
Chevalier de Fleury,
(Acting for Souillac)
Preceded by
Thomas, comte de Conway
Gouverneur Général de l'Inde française
Succeeded by
Dominique Prosper de Chermont