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Writer(s) traditional

"Canada-I-O" (also known as "Canadee-I-O" or "The Wearing of the Blue") is a traditional Canadian and English folk ballad. It is believed to have been written before 1839 [1]

When her love goes to sea, a lady dresses as a sailor and joins (his or another's) ship's crew. When she is discovered, (the crew/her lover) determine to drown her. The captain saves her and they marry.

Based on similarity of title, some connect this song with "Canaday-I-O, Michigan-I-O, Colley's Run I-O". There is no connection in plot, however, and any common lyrics are probably the result of cross-fertilization.

The Scottish song "Caledonia/Pretty Caledonia" is quite different in detail — so much so that it is separate from the "Canada-I-O" texts in the Roud Folk Song Index ("Canaday-I-O" is #309;[2] "Caledonia" is #5543). The plot, however, is too close for scholars to distinguish.


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Alternative titles[edit]

  • "Canada Heigho!!"
  • "Kennady I-o"
  • "Lady's Trip to Kennady"



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